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24advantage - visibility tracking

visibility tracking

Our in-house developed visibility tracking solution monitors the ad delivery continuously and discovers placements under the fold almost immediately. With these measures we achieve more than 98% over the fold delivery. It is also possible to exclude single websites from the monitoring process. This can be useful for content integration ads on premium websites for example.

24advantage - self optimizing campaings

self optimizing campaings

With our in-house developed self optimizing module the adserver is able to optimize the campaign even fully automatically. Different parameters like click-through rates, regional or socio-demographic data, ad standards and conversion rates, time of day, commission rates or churn rates are just some of the many different options which can be used stand-alone as well as combined in any possible order.

24advantage - targeting & re-targeting

targeting & re-targeting

Many different targeting options allow absolute precise ad placements and a much more efficient campaign management. These options include demographic attributes (like age or gender) as well as for example geographic parameters. With our smart re-targeting solution it's possible to find prospective customers who have already interacted with your website, ad creative or aborted an order that was in process in the past.

24advantage - campaign capping


While the campaign is running we are able to integrate different capping options like a maximum amount of ad impressions per day or the daily frequency capping per user at any time. For the ad delivery we can offer our high-performance server cluster, which also has the ability to update the advertising media automatically.