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target & retargeting

The difference between effective and ineffective advertising campaigns is whether it reaches prospective customers or not. We at 24advantage use several targeting methods to refine your results. Below you can find descriptions of some of our utilized targeting options.

category targeting

With category targeting we address your customers based on relevant content. Websites with similar subjects are pooled to different special interest categories like sports or lifestyle. With its general classification category, targeting still leaves enough coverage to make it particularly suitable for reaching a broad range of prospective customers.


figure of retargetingRe-targeted ad placements make it possible to find people who have visited your website before, clicked or saw your advertising creative or searched for a certain word or phrase. Example: You are running an online shop for fashion and want to reach prospective customers who aborted their order process in the past. With our re-targeting technology it's possible to show these customers a special coupon, increasing the likelyhood that some of these users will shortly after return to your online shop and finish the aborted transaction. Smart re-targeting can cause a significant increase of conversion rates driving the perception of your brand forward.

profile & geo targeting

Profile targeting uses demographic parameters like the users’ age and gender to make an advertising campaign more effectively. In addition time based advertising delivery (only on certain weekdays or at special daytimes) is a part of profile targeting, too. Geo targeting on the other hand avoids wastage by using geographic attributes to reach your audience in determined countries or cities.