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adserver technology

The well-proven 24advantage adserver technology combines easy and efficient advertising campaign management and numerous targeting options with detailed reportings for both advertisers and publishers. The reportings are always delivered clearly arranged and in real-time. That makes continuous campaign optimization as easy as the detailed post-campaign analysis.

As additional basic function the adserver provides a visibility tracking module for the reliable identification of under the fold ad delivery. With different adjustment options like various screen resolutions, or in exceptional cases also the visibility tracking, can be used very flexibly.

every single ad impression improves your campaigns results

With our in-house developed self optimizing module the adserver is able to optimize the campaign even fully automatically. Different parameters like click-through rates, regional or socio-demographic data, ad standards and conversion rates, time of day, commission rates or churn rates are just some of the many different options which can be used stand-alone as well as combined in any possible order.

The continuously collected campaign data increases the efficiency of this self-learning module more and more. With enough run-time even the best hidden potentials are tapped into by our system. Enduring self optimization approaches the highest possible performance and is suitable to safe technical resources.

For us delivering security is always a major point and doesn’t stop at performance improvement. Redundant data sources and a highly efficient load balancing system within our server architecture secure the adservers’ accessibility even in case of technical difficulties.