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about 24advantage

Since our founding in 2004, cayada has developed into an innovative and award winning provider of performance-based online marketing solutions. Long lasting experience, distinctive knowledge and tremendous marketing intelligence make us your competent partner. We believe that accurate work, verifiability and continuous performance measurement are inseparably connected to efficient online marketing and long customer relationships.

A main objective of ours was to put clients into the positision of being able to advertise in high-quality online media, but still benefit from an excluslively performance-based invoicing. Thus 24advantage was founded. Which provides the opportunity to introduce your brand worldwide with expressive high-coverage display ads whilst only having to pay commissions for valid conversions.

Over the course of the years we have been able to build strong relationships with satisfied clients, including neckermann.de, Vodafone, 1&1 Internet, E-Plus Mobile, Alba Moda, maxdome and Burda Wireless. Each of these brands stand for ambitious clients whose confidence in our services we enjoy. With these satisfied clients we hope to continue to build forward into the future.