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24advantage for advertisers

performance advertsing benefits24advantage puts you in the position to advertise in high-quality online media, but still benefit from an exclusively performance-based invoicing. We provide the opportunity to introduce your brand worldwide with expressive high-coverage display ads and you only have to pay us for generated sales and leads.

In addition to the technical handling we also discover the most promising media mix based upon a deep analysis of your target audience. Further advantages when working with 24advantage are as follows:

24advantage - find new customers

finding new customers and rediscovering previous ones

Performance advertising focuses on generating measureable transactions, making it a perfect instrument to find new buyers and to reactivate already existing customers. We approach your audience inside our premium content network by using different targeting options.

24advantage - extending the sales reach

continuously extending the sales reach

The well-proven adserver technology combines easy and efficient advertising campaign management and numerous targeting options with detailed reportings for you the advertiser. The integrated self optimizing module optimizes the campaign fully automatically to increase the conversion rate and to safe technical resources.

24advantage - targeting & retargeting

identifying and targeting your audience

Many different targeting options allow absolute precise ad placements. These options include demographic attributes (like age or gender) as well as geographic parameters for example. With our smart re-targeting solution itís possible to find prospective customers who already have interacted with your website, ad creative or aborted an order that was in process in the past.